Monday, 2 March 2020

初音ミクのひな人形 (Hatsune Miku Hina doll)





2 years ago, Mataro doll company, which specialises in traditional Japanese dolls, produced a Hatsune Miku Hina doll. A Hina doll is a doll that is displayed during Girl's day or Hina matsuri, which is held on the 3rd of March. The unusual things about this doll were that it was not for sale and did not have a male doll to accompany it. The reason why this is the case is that the manufacturer wanted to represent how an independent woman could achieve her dreams by herself. After looking at the doll's face for the recommended three minutes, I thought that Hatsune Miku was full of happiness but still delicate.

Primarily, Hina matsuri is used to wish for a girl's happiness and marriage. However, today women may not get married. Also, by displaying a female and male doll together, it seems to connect a girl's happiness to her marriage. Nowadays, women do not need a husband and can be independent.

However, for women with a disability, it is a bit different. It seems to be that a woman with a disability cannot become independent and happiness is not possible. While I am employed, because of my disability, I don't think I will ever be successful. While this is how I feel now, maybe the future will be different. Outside of work, I want to lose weight, be healthier and lose my self doubts. While this world does not suit me, by achieving my dreams, maybe the world will become better.

Like the Hatsune Miku Hina doll, I want independence and happiness. Even if I am a delicate woman, I can be strong, independent and successful.

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