Saturday, 31 January 2015

A letter to myself in the Loliday of June 2015

For the Loliday of June 2015 letter, click here.

Dear Kalle,

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Today (31/1/15), I see a University graduate who is taking a gap year in between her pass degree and Honours due to circumstance. As a Lolita, despite more than a year of experience, she is still developing as one.

During the gap year, have you found a job? If so, was there anything special that you spent some of your first pay on? There does not seem to be much available as a life sciences graduate (if only science was better supported/funded in Australia). However, there should be something there. Speaking of Honours, how are the chances of doing it in 2016? Did your last minute decision to give up on Honours this year for something better next year pay off? I hope so. Also, with the extra free time gained by not doing Honours, are you going to apply/applied for the JLPT and study for it?

As a Lolita, do you feel that you have improved since January? Can you fit into the Dramatic Rose skirt that was too small for you? I hope you do and if so, you should grab the next Milky Planet JSK/OP that is available within your price range. After all, I do not want you to have to farewell another Milky Planet dress as I had to do in Tokyo. Speaking of, do you have any plans for a next Lolita purchase? Regardless of your next Lolita purchase, you should continue sewing and expand your Lolita wardrobe in that way as well. Also, have there been any big Lolita events you have attended this year or are planning to attend?

Even though things are going to be hard, do not give up on being a Lolita and developing as a young scientist. While you are living in a country that may not be perfect and seems to be against you at times, just remember you are unique in a good way.

Love Kalle Sweet of January 2015

P.S. How is Australia? Is it still claiming to give everyone a "fair go" when it is not?