Monday, 31 August 2015

Shiny Pokemon Week Day 7

At the end of this challenge, I have hatched 900 eggs but no shiny Pokémon came from those eggs. Throughout the week, I played Pokémon Omega Ruby for at least three hours every day (today, I played for more than three hours). Even though I was unlucky during this challenge, I will continue hatching eggs until I get a shiny and when that happens, I will reveal the Pokémon species I was hatching and the mating couple. I believe I am going to have so much fun naming the shiny with the idea I have. As I did not obtain a shiny Pokémon, I will give you a hint as to the species. The hint is that is in the same egg group as my first gen VI shiny.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Shiny Pokemon Week Day 6

Today, I played Pokémon Omega Ruby for a bit over three hours. Out of curiosity, I looked at how many eggs other people had to hatch before they got a shiny Pokémon. A few said that it took around 1,000 eggs before they hatched a shiny. As my total for one Pokémon so far is over 700 non-shiny Pokémon hatched so far, I have a fair way to go before I reach 1,000 (I hope I hatch a shiny soon though). I don't care if it takes me 5,000 eggs before I get a shiny, I am getting at least one shiny Pokémon from this challenge even if it lasts for longer than a week.

I am aware that if I hatch 683 eggs, none of them are guaranteed to be shiny. However, there is a 63% (0.63) chance of hatching at least one shiny from these 683 eggs. This %chance was obtained from this online calculator (note you may need to divide 1/683 on a real calculator in order for the website to use it). Without boring or confusing you with the mathematics behind it, the calculation (or formula) this online calculator uses is called binomial probability and the website I have provided gives an easy to understand explanation in the FAQ section. Note: This would be useful for calculating the chance of obtaining a shiny with any hatching method (I would not use it for Dexnav shiny hunting and anything similar).

Below are the chances of obtaining at least one shiny from the number of eggs I have mentioned in this post.

700 eggs hatched =64% (0.64) chance
1,000 eggs hatched = 77% (0.77) chance
5,000 eggs hatched = 99-100% (0.99-1) chance (note: The online calculator mentioned does not like numbers above 1,000, so be careful with this).

The point I am making with these probabilities/chances is that there is no guarantee that a shiny will be hatched using the Masuda method but with perseverance, it should happen sometime.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Shiny Pokemon Week Day 5

Today, I played Pokémon Omega Ruby for at least four hours today and I am still having bad luck in getting a shiny. Almost 680 eggs hatched and no shiny. Given the odds of getting a shiny through the Masuda method (1/683), there was a good chance that one of the 680 Pokémon hatched should have been a shiny. Even if more than 683 eggs were hatched, there was no guarantee that at least one of the Pokémon hatched would have been a shiny. Even if it takes more than a week, I am still hatching eggs from the same parents the non shiny Pokémon came from until I get a shiny Pokémon.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Shiny Pokemon Week Day 4

Today, I played Pokémon Omega Ruby for over three hours and my total hatched egg count from the start of this challenge is over 530 eggs without a shiny, which beats the record I have for my shiny Skitty, which is 424 eggs by over 100. Maybe I'll be lucky and get a shiny tomorrow or maybe I won't get a shiny throughout this week at all. At least I tried if that is the case but I am not stopping until the end of this week. I wanted to give up today because I had no luck but maybe something will happen. I wonder what the nature and gender of the shiny Pokémon will be.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Shiny Pokemon Week Day 3

Today, I played Pokémon Omega Ruby for three hours and even though I have hatched around 350 eggs, I have not obtained a shiny yet. Starting this challenge, I knew that it was going to be hard but if it was easy to obtain a shiny, they would have less value than what they already have. The Masuda method has an approximate chance of 1/683 of hatching a shiny, so I should keep on going even if it is the end of this week before I obtain one shiny.

It's strange that in the Pokémon world, a rare Pokémon (e.g. a shiny) would be valuable but in the real world a rare human can be seen as repulsive. Also, if a shiny Pokémon has perfect IV values, which is also rare (for an explanation, go to Bulbapedia). On the other hand, a human has more than one rare quality, he or she can become even more undesirable. This way of thinking with humans is not fair and in my opinion, it needs to stop (I know this because I have a disability and I am a Lolita (It is a choice but do I deserve to be discriminated against because of who I am or what I enjoy?).

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Shiny Pokemon Week Day 2

Today, I played Pokémon Omega Ruby (the game I am using in order to obtain shiny Pokémon) for more than 3 hours. Even though more than 200 eggs were hatched, no shiny has been produced yet (I am not revealing the Pokémon I am hatching until I obtain a shiny). I should not give up because it took over 400 eggs before I got my first shiny for generation VI. I still felt like giving up during the first time I used the Masuda method for my shiny Skitty but I got there and I played with that Skitty in order to help me lose a bit of weight before I went to Japan. This was done in order to improve my chances of fitting into Lolita clothing over there.

Even though I am only hatching shiny Pokémon this week for the purpose of seeing how many shinies I can get in one week, who knows what I might do with the resulting shiny Pokémon in the future. I know it will be hard in terms of patience and perseverance but I will manage to continue until the end of the week.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Shiny Pokemon Week Day 1

This week, I am challenging myself to see how many shiny Pokémon I can obtain through the Masuda method in one week. The rules for the challenge are as follows

1. Spend at least 3 hours hatching Pokémon eggs each day.
2. One new parent must have the same nature as the previous shiny. (e.g. If the shiny had a quirky nature, one parent for the next shiny must have a quirky nature also).
3. Each breeding pair must follow the Masuda method.

I will be updating daily throughout the next 7 days and will include the hatched shiny Pokémon for the day as well as the parents. So far, I have not hatched a shiny even though I played for more than three hours today and I started the week with my new shiny Rayquaza (it does not count for this challenge) which has a serious nature.