Monday, 3 June 2013

International Lolita Day

Yesterday was International Lolita Day, which is held twice a year on the first Saturday of June and the first Saturday of December.

In this post, I will talk about a few personal goals for Lolita in time for the next International Lolita Day.

1. Increase Lolita wardrobe to a decent size

So far, I only have one OP, one jumper skirt, a couple of cutsews, a pair of tights and a black pair of Mary Janes and a couple of ballet flats as well as some small accessories as my Lolita wardrobe. Sounds pretty limited, even if you add a few cardigans that may fit into a few coordinates. As a sweet Lolita, black Mary Janes aren't very versatile unless you're a bittersweet Lolita, which I am not too interested in. For this reason, one goal is to add on to my Lolita wardrobe by buying at least a blouse, a pair of white Lolita shoes and a petticoat. Another thing I want to do to add on to my Lolita wardrobe is to...

2. Create at least one basic Lolita skirt

I have taken up sewing since last year and have attempted a couple of skirts. One of them was a Lolita skirt but it was not very good. The next skirt I make will be another Lolita skirt but this time I hope it will be something that can be worn. The method used to make the first Lolita skirt and will be used again is the Basic Full Elastic Waistband Loli Skirt. It is a basic pattern that can be played around with in terms of resizing and adding embellishment and lace.

3. Wear Lolita at least once

Due to its nature, Lolita is hard to wear in everyday life especially if you are a science student. The only time I could wear it is on the weekends. It is also different from mainstream fashion which adds to the difficulty of wearing it. For this reason, I have not been able to wear full Lolita. I have worn something that could be semi-Lolita a few times and the closest I have been to wearing it is a coordinate involving my white OP, pink ballet flats and a small white hair bow clip. Because of this, I would like to wear Lolita at least once before the end of this year.

Above: AP Tea Party shoes. Maybe these will be my white Lolita shoes but not very likely though.
When I have done goals 2 and 3, I may post about them. I hope I can achieve all of them by the end of this year but if I had to choose only one to achieve, it would be hard but because goal 2 will be helpful in improving my sewing even if I do leave Lolita, I would choose goal 2.