Saturday, 7 November 2015

Angelic Pretty's Dreamy Jewel

Today, I am going to review AP's latest release, Dreamy Jewel. It is an unusual print for Lolita because it uses jewels as a motif.

First is the OP. It is a long sleeved piece with a lace neck line and the rest of the dress has the Dreamy Jewel print on it. The red does make the print stand out and look elegant. However, the OP has no shirring, making it restricted in terms of sizing as well as the time when it can be worn due to the long sleeves. It does look elegant though.

Next is the ribbon JSK. It also has the print all over the piece with a bow on the chest. Due to the shirring, this could fit a variety of sizes but if you have a non-standard Asian shape, I would recommend trying it on before buying it, which is nearly impossible to do without a local AP store. The JSK does look nice and the pink does bring out the details of the jewels and the background. It also is more versatile in terms of season and dressing it up or down (it would be difficult to put any Dreamy Jewel print into a casual Lolita coord due to the jewel print, in my opinion).

While I do not normally review anything other than the OP/JSK/skirts of the reviewed print, I had to include the Dreamy Jewel tights because of the detail and how it would look nice with a plain Lolita main piece (by main piece, I am referring to OP, JSK and/or skirt) or a non Lolita outfit as well as Dreamy Jewel. Personally, I would buy these tights if they would fit me. As I do not know what the sizing range is, if anyone knows the sizing limits to AP tights, please comment below. With the tights, they look extravagant and I don't think anyone would know that these came from AP/another Lolita brand if they have never seen them before. Also, they would suit any length skirt as it is split into three different sections, which would create a different effect for each length.

Overall, I would buy this print in any colour as each one has its charm and I would try pairing any main piece with mainstream jewellery including a jewelled hair accessory in order to bring out the jewels in the print. If I had the money, I would buy something from this print right away (I wished I had a job now and not just because of the money).