Sunday, 17 April 2016

アンジェリック・プリティの Strawberry Whipのレビュー (Angelic Pretty's Strawberry Whip Review)

今日のプリントのレビューは日本語と英語で初めて書きました。今日のプリントはプリティさんのStrawberry Whipというシリースです。
Today’s print review is the first one written in English and Japanese on this blog. The print I am reviewing today is AP’s Strawberry Whip series.

まず、ワンピースです。 普通のワンピースの姿ですが、ヘムはリボンが可愛くて、プリントによく似合います。そして、甘ロリの物ですが、チョーカーはワンピースが上品になると思います。けど、シャーリングがないので、色々なサイズに合わないかもしれません。アイボリーはデザートのクリームのような色だから、綺麗です。
First is the OP. While it is in the usual OP shape, the bows on the hem are cute and complement the print. Also, the choker does make the OP look elegant despite it being a Sweet Lolita piece. However, because it has no shirring, it may not fit a variety of body shapes. The ivory colourway is pretty because the main colour matches the colour of the cream on the pastries.


Next is the mini sleeve OP. Because the collar is wide, if you removed the ribbon, it would become boring. Because of that, you should probably place a necklace instead of the ribbon if you choose to remove it. As the OP has a simple shape, it makes the print pop out. Also, as there is shirring and sleeve elastic, it should fit multiple body shapes. The pink colourway makes the print cuter, in my opinion.


Last is the jumper skirt. Just like with the OP, the bows on the hem are cute and the frill adds a bit of a classical feeling to the JSK. However, this is not a Classic Lolita piece. Because it is a jumper skirt, it will look nice with a blouse or a cardigan. Because there is shirring, it should fit various body shapes but I believe the mini sleeve OP is more elastic. The lavender does make it easier to see the print.

赤はカントリ風になると思います。このプリントは可愛くて、綺麗だと思います。プリティさんの苺のプリントは素敵ですが、次のプリントは初恋の香りなどの白い苺があったらいいと思います。Strawberry Whip を買うことが出来れば、何の色とワンピースとかミニ袖ワンピースとかジャンパースカートを決めることが難しいです。なぜなら、全てを好みます。
The red colourway does make it have a country feel in my opinion. This print is cute and pretty. While AP’s strawberry prints are lovely, I think it would be good if the next one had white strawberries such as Hatsukoi no kaori (an expensive white strawberry in Japan) on it. If I could buy Strawberry Whip, I would find it hard to choose which cut and colour because I like all of them.