Sunday, 28 December 2014

First Brand Event

While I was in Japan, I attended my first brand event, which was Angelic Pretty's Princess Dreamy Carnival. For the event, I wore my first piece of brand clothing, which is Angelic Pretty's Cream Cookie Collection JSK.

Above: Princess Dreamy Carnival Coord. JSK and necklace are from Angelic Pretty, hair clip is from me% (a store in La Foret), shoes are from An*tai*na and everything else is offbrand. This was taken after the event. 
Given that I wore a JSK that I bought less than a week before this event and as a result, had limited time in which to create a coord, I thought I did a pretty decent job with some new purchases as well as some items which I packed for a back up coord.

The event consisted of a five course dinner (I skipped one course as it had beef), a fashion show, free time for taking photos (was not fully aware of this but if I ever attend a brand event again, I will take advantage of this time), a raffle and prizes for the best dressers. However, I did not take pictures of the best dressed winners and of the fashion show.
The entree

The soup

The fish course

The custom dessert, which was based off Sugar Dream Dome.

The Christmas cake. Interesting how the Japanese celebrate Christmas despite being Buddhist/Shinto.

The dinner consisted of an entrée, soup, fish course, meat course (which I did not eat) and a dessert. After dessert, there was a Japanese style Christmas cake, which is a sponge cake decorated with cream and strawberries. The drinks I had were iced oolong tea and normal tea.

In between the meat course and the dessert was the fashion show, which showed the upcoming prints from the 2015 Spring/Summer collection. There were some prints that I loved and would consider buying if I had the money. After the fashion show, there was an opportunity to have a picture of yourself with the guest models. It was a very long line as everyone seemed to have wanted a photo.

A short while later, the raffle prizes were drawn and I won a Dramatic Rose skirt. I would not buy AP skirts because they seem to be too small for me and I was right as it was too small when I tried it on. But I do want to wear it some day.

Above: Stock photo of the Dramatic Rose skirt. This was the colour of the skirt which I won. Photo from Lolibrary.

Overall, this was a nice event to go to and I would like to attend a brand event in Australia (If it does happen) or in Japan, if I do go there at the right time.

All photos were from my camera except for the photo of the Dramatic Rose skirt.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

International Lolita Day December 2014

Sorry for not blogging for a while but I have been busy. Today was International Lolita Day and while I did not do anything special, I will talk about the goals I set on the previous Loliday.

Lose weight and wear Lolita again

I did lose weight by watching how much I ate and by exercising more often. Before this, I would normally exercise for 1-2 days a week but I exercise almost every day as a result of aiming to lose weight. As a result of this, I have become more toned and was able to fit into my Bodyline JSK better than I have before, in my opinion. However, I will try to lose more weight. I have also worn Lolita once since the previous International Lolita Day.

Attend another meet up

I did attend a small meet up a few months ago but not any more due to a variety of reasons but am hoping to continue attending meet ups and one day I may attend a brand event.

Build my Lolita wardrobe

Unfortunately this did not happen but am aiming to buy more Lolita items, perhaps even buying brand. One thing that will help with this is going to Japan before June.

One other thing I hope for by the next International Lolita Day is that my Lolita life does improve and that I can blog more often (no guarantees though).