Friday, 25 July 2014

3 Whip Show Case coords

Angelic Pretty's Whip Show Case is a print that I would like to own one day. Because of this, I will be looking a three different coords that feature Whip Show Case.


Whip Show Case coord <3
Above: Coord number 1. Source: ten4ward.
First is a coord by ten4ward. This one seems to be suitable for Autumn/Spring due to the tights and long sleeved blouse. The blouse has lovely bell shaped sleeves and the use of white and pink items to coordinate with the JSK helps bring focus to the JSK while leaving the rest of the outfit relatively simple. This is a nice Sweet coord that is fairly simple.
Hina Collection(*^_^*)
Above: Coord number 2. Source: Hina Collection.

The second coord is from a Japanese Lolita. It is also suitable for Autumn/Spring (this coord was worn in Spring). The blouse and shoes are both blue and are both simple for Lolita. Also, the hands seem to be fairly heavily accessorised. One unusual aspect to this coord is that the JSK is pink but the other parts (except for the head bow) are not, which creates a contrast between the JSK and the rest of the outfit. However, the outfit as a whole is still harmonious due to each item matching a colour that is featured on the JSK. Overall, this outfit is simple but still eye catching.
Above: Coord number 3. Source: Satominyon.
The third coord is also from a Japanese Lolita. Unlike the other two coords, this one is suitable for Summer (It was worn in that season). It uses a white blouse and is very simple. This coord would be suitable for an occasion where you would want to wear a simple coord. While there are no shoes in this photo, a pair of Tea Parties or ballet flats would work well with this coord. This could also be used when you have limited time to dress into Lolita.
While these three outfits are quite different, they are all nice examples of how to wear Whip Show Case. From these three, one coord that I would try if I got the print is to use a simple pair of socks/tights and a pair of Tea Parties. The coord would also contain a headbow (either a basic one or the matching one) and would consider using a blouse in order to avoid covering up the bodice of the JSK. However, I am not too sure on how to coordinate the accessories. Out of the three coords, my favourite would be coord number 2 due to the use of different colours for each item.