Monday, 29 September 2014

Angelic Pretty's Cream Cookie Collection

It's been a long time since I have done a print review. This one will be about Angelic Pretty's newest print: Cream Cookie Collection.

First is the ribbon JSK, which only has the print on the skirt, which is unusual for AP but it does make the JSK more elegant. What makes the JSK well suited to different body shapes is the bodice of the JSK, which uses princess seams and has ample shirring. The simple bodice design, with a bow at the waist and lace at the top ensures that even if you have a bust, it is not going to affect the look of the JSK dramatically. Personally, I think it is a nice JSK to wear if you have reservations about wearing a print or are more of a Classic Lolita but do want to wear something Sweet.


Next is the OP, which is long sleeved and does not have shirring. While I think it is a nice OP with a Sweet feel that seems old fashioned due to the print, it is not very versatile due to the sleeves and lack of shirring. While a replica of this OP would be nice for those who would not be able to fit into the OP, I do not think replicas are good because they copy the creative property of the brands and limit the creativity of indie brands. While I understand that it is autumn in Japan, I would prefer if the OP had detachable sleeves so it could be either long or short sleeved in order to make it something that could be worn year round.

Overall, the Cream Cookie Collection print is Sweet but has an old fashioned feeling which is unique in using a motif that is something that could be made at home or bought. The use packaging in the print is unusual but does have biscuit containers that could be used as a collector's edition today in order to celebrate the anniversary of a type of biscuit. The "mini bear cookie" squares remind me of Tiny Teddies, which are a well known Australian biscuit that has been around since the 1990s. The grid pattern used in the print is effective because of the resemblance to a biscuit or chocolate gift box. I would buy Cream Cookie collection in any of the colours except for  brown because I think the other three colours work well with the biscuit motifs and create a Sweet feel.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

First Shiny Pokemon

Yesterday, I got my first shiny in Pokémon X, after a few days and 424 eggs, I hatched a shiny Skitty via the Masuda method. At first, I thought that it would be something that could be done in 2-3 hours, but I was wrong even while carrying a Pokémon with Flame Body. Around two thirds to three quarters through the constant egg hatching, I just wanted to give up but the shiny at the end was worth it.

Above: Akane, my shiny Skitty. This is the best I could do since Miiverse does not allow Pokémon XY screenshots :(.
 I named my shiny Skitty あかね (Akane), which means "red child" in Japanese (I set my Pokémon X game to Japanese, which is why she has a Japanese name). She is female, has an Impish nature and Normalize as her ability. I would have preferred Cute Charm but a shiny is too rare to worry about it's ability.

Furthermore, thanks to her English Quilava father (her mother came from my game, which makes her Japanese), she has a perfect attack IV according to the stat checker in Kiloude city. I now have plans for her and it will relate to my Lolita life in some remote way. Feel free to guess what it is.