Saturday, 4 May 2013

Baby's Seven Colour Prism

I'm sorry it's been more than a month since I posted. I've been really busy studying.

In this post, I will be reviewing Baby's Seven Colour Prism Series.
First is the Seven Colour Prism Alice Chan Patterned Saint JSK. The neckline is unusual for a Lolita JSK, in my opinion because it is a boat neck. It does give it a 50's flair though. The skirt is a tiered one that does look nice with the theme of the JSK. The sizing of the dress does seem to be flexible but is still small. Overall, the JSK does look cute and is a unique piece that could be welcome in a sweet wardrobe. Because of the quirkiness of the JSK but still being cute, I would consider buying it.

Next up is the Seven Colour Prism Alice Chan Skirt. It is a simple skirt as the only decorations added to it are the lace and ribbon on the hem, making the print on the skirt stand out. The print is a cute print that is Alice based but does it in a softer way by use of pastel colours. One problem with the skirt is that it will only fit those with a small waist of less than 70cm. Even AP's standard sizing allows girls with a waist bigger than 70cm to fit in most standard skirts. However, this skirt is cute and is something I would like to buy.
If I could buy at least either the JSK or the skirt, I would choose either pink or sax because I think they would look nicer with such a soft, pastel print.
I could not resist these pieces of jewellery in the series. A biscuit with "Eat me" written on them is a cute way of referring to Alice in Wonderland and they are not too OTT to wear with everyday clothing. Because of this, I would buy these if I ever have the chance to. I would possibly choose at least one item of each colour (milk tea or white) because they are cute and the biscuits do look decadent.