Saturday, 6 February 2016

少女の夢 (A girl’s dreams)

これは初めての日本語と英語のブログポストです。良くないですけど、読んでください。英語の訳はポストの下にあります。This is my first blog post in Japanese and English. Feel free to read it. The English version is on the bottom of this post.

甘ロリが好きです。なぜなら、可愛いし、パステルカラーが好きだし、モチーフも可愛いのです。今まで、ロリータのブランドの洋服はプリティーさんのCream cookie collection のジャンパスカートと Dramatic Roseのスカートです。けど、プリティさんと他のブランドの洋服を買いたいと思いますが、お金をもらう為に、就職しなければなりません。これは優しくないです。





I enjoy wearing Sweet Lolita because it’s cute, I like pastel colours and it uses cute motifs. Up to now, the only brand garments I own are Angelic Pretty’s Cream Cookie Collection jumperskirt and Dramatic Rose skirt. However, I want to buy clothing from other brands as well as from AP. In order to get the money needed to do that, I have to get a job, which is not easy.

While I am waiting for a job, I want to learn more about hair and makeup that is related to Lolita. For example, I have a katyusha but I do not know how to wear it. Because of that, I will try some of the ideas from Misako Aoki’s Lolita Fashion Book. Also, while I do not wear nail polish, I want to try using that too. Because I have long hair, I think it would be good to try various hair styles.

I want to wear Lolita more often but I don’t want to be a lifestyle Lolita. Currently, I am part of my local Lolita group and enjoy it.

As for me, because of Lolita, I think it is necessary for me to keep in shape. In order to avoid gaining weight, I do things such as yoga and watching what I eat. My current goals for yoga are to be able to do inversions, crow pose and full wheel pose.

My dream that is not related to Lolita is to become a researcher. However, it is difficult to do that at this moment but I will try my best.