Wednesday, 9 April 2014

30 Day Random Challenge Day 25: Increase difficulty of a previous challenge

Yesterday, my challenge was to increase the difficulty of a previous challenge, which ended up being the challenge from Day 1. In order to change things around, I decided to find two coords that featured two of the ice cream prints featured.

Above: A coord featuring Baby's Creamy Soda Pop JSK. Source: LiveJournal (coord by artemiscangee).

The first coordinate features Baby's Creamy Soda Pop JSK and uses black and pink for the other items. Mixing Baby with AP is a nice idea and the pink does bring out the pink elements of the print. Also, the AP socks were from a different print series, adding to the creativity of the outfit. However, I do feel that the coord does use the cliché idea of a matching headbow and JSK and there is not a lot of accessories. Overall, the outfit is fairly basic and does draw attention to the print on the JSK but as the stylist was intending for it to be used for a Lolita fashion presentation, it is a good way to introduce Lolita.

Above: A coord featuring AP's Milky Planet OP. Source: daily_lolita (coord by La Lapine Noir).

The second coordinate features AP's original Milky Planet OP with some offbrand items. The combination of accessories with the OP is very creative and plays around with the variety of colours on the Milky Planet print. Even the use of a Disney character bag is cute. Overall, this outfit does make good use of the Milky Planet OP and would be nice for a meet up or changed a bit to make it suitable for a tea party.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

30 Day Random Challenge Days 23 & 24: Find a New Blog

On Sunday, my challenge was to find another blog to start following. It took me two days to find one but I eventually found it. The blog I ended up finding was Lace a la mode. It's by Shannie Bee and is about J-fashion and Kawaii in general. The most recent post as of now is about her starting monthly challenges and her first one is about completing unfinished projects. That would be interesting to see especially as she has invited her readers to participate as well.

Her second most recent post was about a DIY mini party held by Angelic Pretty in San Francisco. The DIY projects were deco-ing items. Sounds interesting and I would like to go to a deco party one day. Shannie even posted the outfit she was wearing that day which I thought was creative and quite suitable for the occasion. Also, the box AP provided for deco was a pink heart shaped box, which does suit AP's style well.

I enjoyed reading those posts and can't wait to see what else comes from Lace a la mode.
Above: Pictures from the AP DIY mini party. Source: Lace a la mode.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

30 Day Random Challenge Day 22: Find 3 Good things that have happened since starting the Challenge

Today, my challenge is to find three good things that have happened since starting this challenge. I took this one off the 30 Day Lolita Challenge but instead of doing it on Day 30, I decided that it would happen on any day. The three good things are below.

1. Chia pudding

A week into the challenge, I tried making chia pudding for the first time. The texture of the pudding was nice but it was bland. That was probably due to the fact that I wasn't able to add as much stevia as I would have liked to and using lite milk. However, I will make chia pudding again but next time I might consider using a nut milk and adding more sweetener.

2. Being able to fit into Creamy Cat

Just recently, I was able to fit into Creamy Cat but it was too tight. At least I was able to zip it up fully and I just have a little bit to go before I can wear it.

3. This Challenge

I'll count the 30 Day Random Challenge as a good thing because it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and most of the challenges have been enjoyable. I hope I enjoy the last eight days as much as the previous ones.
Above: A chia pudding. Mine was not in a glass with berries on top. More like in Tupperware containers with the berries mixed in. Source: More Fun With An Apron.

30 Day Random Challenge Day 21: Read a Story from LaLa

On Friday, my challenge was to read a story from LaLa. The manga I read was Toshokan Sensou Love and War. For more information, click here. It was interesting to read and I want to buy it as a volume. The chapter I read was about the Task Force protecting the author of a book about nuclear machinery, someone whom one of the Task Force members was a fan of. It was funny reading about what they did to him. I wish manga magazines placed in more than one chapter at a time though.

Above: The front cover of Toshokan Sensou Love and War volume 3 of the English version.

30 Day Random Challenge Day 20: Spend 2 Hours finding a Shiny Pokemon

Sorry about the delay but things were really busy and I decided to put a hiatus on this challenge. When it restarted on Thursday, my challenge was to spend two hours finding a Shiny Pokémon on Pokémon X. Even after two hours, I couldn't find a shiny and my best Pokéradar chain was seven on Gulpin, which is not a Pokémon I am too keen on. However, my best Pokéradar chain of all time is chaining 27 Zoroark. That may make a nice shiny as well as it's pre-evolution, Zorua. Even though on all of my games on Pokémon Platinum, I have found at least one shiny, I don't seem to be having any luck finding one on X. I wonder if I'll have better luck on breeding two Pokémon like rabbits in order to get a shiny.

Above: A baby Shiny Zorua. Source: (Picture by luffy 33).