Friday, 22 March 2013

Explanation for outfit 2

Sorry about separating what was supposed to be one post into four but I have just started using Polyvore and have not gotten used to it yet but  I will be better next time I make an outfit post.

My second Easter outfit includes AP Sheep Garden which is well suited to Easter because it has lambs and the colours suit spring and Easter well. But it is Autumn in Australia now so if it does get cold, I would suggest wearing a cardigan or bolero over this. I chose the other three items to be basic in order to draw attention to the OP.

Easter coord number 2

Two outfits for Easter

Easter is only a week away but in this post, I am going to show two Lolita coordinates that are suited to Easter.

First is a melty chocolate set, which is in the previous post that is well suited to Easter because it has chocolate prints in it. The bodyline blouse was chosen in order to prevent it being a one brand outfit but the headbow and jumper skirt with the blouse makes a nice traditional Lolita outfit that could go well with some jewellery that has chocolate motifs and a pair of pink or brown OTKs or tights.

The second set is coming up in the next post.


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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Angelic Pretty's Candy Fun Fair series

In this post, I will review AP's Candy Fun Fair OP, JSK and skirt.

 First, the OP has a quite distinct bodice and skirt. One thing which is lovely about the OP is that it has back shirring, which makes it something that will fit a wide range of sizes, from standard Japanese to plus-size it seems. Another feature about the OP which I like is the white bib on the bodice, which has lace edges as well as a centre that alternates between a button and a ribbon. Overall, the OP seems to be very flexible in terms of sizing and is a piece that is quite unique. Because it is quite OTT, it is probably best suited to a meet up/convention in my opinion.

Next, the JSK is a bit less OTT than the OP but has features such as a waist bow and beading lace across the skirt that does affect its daily wearability. As with the OP, it has back shirring which stretches quite significantly, making it ideal for those who are plus sized. The use of rick rack as a trim is an alternative to lace as well as having no trim on the bottom tier. This would be a piece that could be worn outside of meetups or conventions if the wearer is daring enough to do so as it is still different from mainstream fashion.

 Finally, the skirt is quite simple in terms of detail other than the print and can be worn with or without the suspenders, further increasing the daily wearability of this item. The details with the skirt include rick rack and a few bows. I do like the scalloped hem with the lace at the bottom as it does add a decorative touch without adding on too much. One problem with the skirt though, is that it is in standard AP skirt sizing, which means that it is fairly limited in terms of sizing. Overall, it is a fairly simple skirt for sweet Lolita that could be worn by the daring on a semi-regular basis but due to the scalloped hem, I would not advise it to be worn without a petticoat.

The print does remind me of a carnival and makes me feel of eating something sweet. Because of this and the detail on the OP and the JSK, I would buy one of them if I could but would like the skirt if it would fit me. In terms of colourway, I would have a hard time deciding between ivory, mint and red because they bring out different aspects of the print without blurring the print, as black does.