Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Goals for 2020

2019 has ended with me starting a full time job. While it is not science related, it is a start. Because of that I can now afford to buy more Lolita clothing. However, there is one issue... most of my current Lolita wardrobe does not fit me. I knew I gained weight doing my Honours degree but I thought I lost a good amount of it.

Despite the aforementioned issue, I wore Lolita to a meet up once this year after more than three years since wearing it. I was nervous at first, but did get more comfortable with it. Maybe I'll wear Lolita more often in 2020.

In order to expand my wardrobe and feel ready to buy more, I will need to lose weight. For me, this isn't just about losing weight, it is also about getting healthier. This is because some of my habits are not that healthy. For example, I do have a tendency to overeat which is difficult to overcome when there is an abundance of food and being short does not help.

Therefore, in 2020, I intend to get healthier, lose weight and wear Lolita more often. If I can fit into more of my Lolita wardrobe, I intend to buy more Lolita clothing in the new year. Speaking of buying more Lolita clothing, I do like the Eternal Doll Set lucky pack from Angelic Pretty for 2020 but it would not fit me at my current weight and may also not fit at my healthy, natural weight but I'll see where my weight loss leads me.

I also intend to post a few health related posts as well as Lolita related posts. I don't know what I'll post about in terms of health yet but if anyone has any suggestions feel free to comment.

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