Monday, 10 March 2014

30 Day Random Challenge Day 1: Find 5 Lolita prints featuring Ice Cream

To push me out of my comfort zone, I have designed a 30 day challenge of various challenges that I have placed into a box and will pick a different one to do each day.

Today my challenge is to find 5 Lolita prints featuring ice cream.

First is Meta's Crown Label's Sweets Parade Apron Pinafore Dress, which was released in 2012. Adding an apron to Lolita would be difficult to pull off because it could end up looking a bit like Maid Cosplay in my opinion. I do like the various types of ice cream on the print with some lollies and coffee/tea. Having back shirring on the JSK does make it fit a variety of body shapes.

Next is AP's Milky Planet OP, released in 2010. It is one of my Dream Prints. The reason why I love it is because the print is a world full of ice cream and I have such a big sweet tooth. Unlike most prints, the print is all over the OP as there is smaller motifs above the main print part. Because it is very colourful, Milky Planet can be coordinated with many colours.
Creamy Soda Pop Skirt
The next piece is Baby's Creamy Soda Pop Skirt, released in 2010. It has ice cream sundaes in a tall glass as well as milkshakes. One thing that is nice about this skirt is that three of the four colour ways (mint, offwhite and pink) are similar to the colours associated with ice cream flavours. The tulle and bows near the hem of the skirt also add to the ice cream effect, which is making me crave a sundae right now.
 The next dress is AP's Strawberry Parlour Tiered JSK. The background of the print partly resembles a French Café exterior. I like how instead of multiple ice cream flavours of the other prints, this one focuses on strawberries and strawberry flavoured ice cream. Instead of using tulle lace at the hem, this JSK uses eyelet lace, which is different for AP JSKs.
 The last piece for this post is Baby's Ice Cream OP, released in 2007. Compared to the other pieces in this post, you can see features that are rarely, if ever included in current OPs. They are the sleeves and the front corset lacing on the bodice. The print is also different as it has smaller motifs all around the fabric and there is stripes and polka dots at the same time on the OP.
From this post, it's interesting to see how different prints portray one theme in a different way from each other. I wonder what's next for ice cream prints: maybe chocolate and ice cream will be combined just like that found in AP's Strawberry Parlour? 


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