Tuesday, 18 March 2014

30 Day Random Challenge Day 8: Download a Song From a J-Pop Group I Have not Listened to

Yesterday, my challenge was to download a song from a J-Pop Group I have never listened to. I decided to download a recent song from Morning Musume. I have heard of them before but I have never listened to one of their songs. I ended up downloading "ウルフボーイ (Wolf Boy)", which wasn't what I expected from an idol group. It was funky but was more Electro-Pop. It even changed tone but it was subtle, which is nice and I did enjoy listening to it. No wonder why they have been able to last over a decade if they can be this creative. Because of this, I would recommend listening to Wolf Boy at least.

Above: Current line up of Morning Musume. Source: Hello! Project Wiki

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