Saturday, 15 February 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Romantic Coordinate Ideas

For Valentine's Day, I decided to base my coordinate ideas around three JSKs containing motifs common to Valentine's Day: flowers, chocolate and candles. Each of the following coordinates are based on three types of romantic outfits: dreamy romantic, elegant romantic and vintage romantic.

First, APs Sugar Pansy is an elegant print that could be paired with lace tights, a flower hair accessory and some pearls to make an elegant coordinate. To cover up bare arms, a shawl or a delicate bolero could be used with a pair of simple Lolita shoes that are in a pastel colour to finish the outfit. The hair would be done in a curly style that is simple and innocent.

 Next, AP's Radiant Candlelight could be used to create a coordinate that could be worn to a nice restaurant even though it would be eye catching. For this, the arms would not be covered and there would be no necklace due to the pearls. Gold/faux gold jewellery would go well with this JSK as well as a pair of flesh coloured/dark tights with a pair of elegant shoes. For the hair, I would choose an elegant updo with a small but classy hairclip if needed.

For the last JSK, Excentrique's Chocolate Box, I would create an outfit based on its vintage feel. First, I would place an off white vintage or vintage inspired blouse under it, then find some vintage accessories including an old fashioned hat that would go well with a bun. For the lower part of the body, I would find some lace tights and choose a pair of Classic Lolita shoes.

Note: All pictures are from Hello Lace and Lolibrary.

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  1. I love the romantic candlelight dress, and I agree it's something you could wear to a nice restaurant but not be toooooo different looking. I like it!

    1. Thanks. That's what I thought when I first saw it. It's also unusual for AP to produce such an elegant dress.