Wednesday, 12 March 2014

30 Day Random Challenge Day 3: Wear a Hello Kitty Accessory

Today, my challenge is to wear one of my Hello Kitty Accessories. Even though I have a few of them, I don't wear them that often. Because of that, I chose that as one of the mini challenges.

I decided to wear my Hello Kitty studs because they were easy to put on and different from my usual choice of earrings, sleepers. Even though it was nice having a change from what I usually wear, not much changed today. I guess some challenges will not be as interesting as others will be. I hope tomorrow's challenge will be something that will be more challenging.

Above: One of the Hello Kitty studs. I haven't worn these a lot but I do want to wear them more often. Sorry about the quality of the photo, mainly the earring.

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