Friday, 28 March 2014

30 Day Random Challenge Day 18: Read a Manga from Ciao

Yesterday, my challenge was to read one of the manga series from the issue of Ciao I have had for a while but have not got around to read. Ciao is one of the most popular Shoujo Manga magazines in Japan. The series I read was Nijiiro Prism Girl by An Nakahara. The blurb to the series and one chapter (as of now) is found here.  The chapter I read was about Nijika rehearsing a dance for a contest and performing when she had an injury that was caused during the rehearsal. It wasn't something I would have chosen as a manga book but I did enjoy reading it and I liked Nijika's helpful and determined personality as well as her cute pet Kapitama-kun. It would be nice to find Nijiiro Prism Girl as a manga book (ideally in Japanese).

Nijiiro Prism Girl
Above: The cover of Nijiiro Prism Girl Volume 1. Source: MangaFox

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