Tuesday, 18 March 2014

30 Day Random Challenge Day 9: Find a Youtube Video of Son Yeon Jae

Today, my challenge is to find a Youtube video of Son Yeon Jae. She is my favourite Rhythmic Gymnast because her routines are full of character and she is a joy to watch. However, in Australia, sports such as Rhythmic Gymnastics aren't very popular. Instead, most Australians prefer sports such as rugby, AFL and cricket. However, I don't like those sports.

I watched all of Son Yeon Jae's routines for 2014 and my favourite one is the hoop routine because she emphasises the character in the music and the elements in the routine are very effective. Even the ending is amazing (not giving any spoilers). Unfortunately, the only way I can watch Rhythmic Gymnastics on TV is during the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, which will be on later this year. Because South Korea isn't part of the Commonwealth, I won't be able to see Son Yeon Jae compete though :(.

Her hoop routine is here.

Above: Son Yeon Jae at the London Olympics. Source: The Korea Herald

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