Sunday, 16 March 2014

30 Day Random Challenge Day 6: Find a Youtube Video of the "Lolita Best Friends Challenge"

Yesterday, my challenge was to find a Youtube video of the "Lolita Best Friends Challenge". It was quite hard as the challenge was first done in September last year. However, I think there will be a lot more of that challenge by the end of this year.

The video I found was the original one by Kat from Hello Batty with her Lolita best friend, Davina. The video can be found here. They were entertaining to watch and it was interesting seeing their beginnings as Lolitas as well as what their opinions of each other were. Also, their Lolita dreams were quite interesting as well as the prints they made up (watch the video if you want to see them).

The reason why I found out about the Lolita Best Friends Challenge was because Rosalynn from Lolita Wonderland did it but as far as I know, her video has not been posted yet. Maybe one day I'll have a Lolita Best Friend.

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