Friday, 3 July 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival: Your Process For Putting A Coord Together

It's been over a year since I have done a Lolita Blog Carnival post. However, I am doing another one about how I put a coord together. I will describe my basic principles and use my first Cream Cookie Collection coord as an example.

Above: Cream Cookie Collection coord from December 2014. (original post link).

Look at the colours on the main item

First, I would look at the colours of the main item, taking into account if the colours are pastel, bright, dark etc. as well as the actual colours (i.e. black, red, pink). For example, with my Cream Cookie Collection JSK, the main colour is Sax with other featured colours being pink, brown and white/cream. As the JSK was pastel, I chose a light pink bolero to wear over it (the bolero is peeking out from the fur coat). This also affected my choice to buy the cream Shy Bear necklace as most of the JSK was pastel/light.

Consider motifs

Next, I would look at the motifs on the main item and choose the other items based on the motifs. If the print had no motifs, I would think about motifs that would work with the main item. For example, the ribbon barrette was chosen to go with the ribbon grid on the JSK and the biscuit earrings (may be hard to see on the photo) were chosen to go with the main motif of the JSK. If it was an item without motifs, I would choose one or two motifs for the other items but not overwhelm the coord with excess motifs.

Consider the venue/season

Finally, I would consider the venue as well as the season for the coord. For example, I also chose the bolero for the coord as the venue for the AP event would probably be heated (as with most places in Japan during winter). If I had more time to prepare/AP released a head accessory other than the Cream Cookie Collection barrette), I would have chosen other items in order to be better presented for the event/venue. However, I aimed to get an AP JSK for the event due to it being run by Angelic Pretty but did have a backup from an indie brand (Infanta's Creamy Cat JSK). Also, if it was spring/summer, I would have worn socks instead of tights.

The points I have mentioned above describe how I would put a coord together. I did use a similar process for my last coord, which was for a local meet up (At the moment, I am not considering posting anything from local meet ups).
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