Sunday, 7 June 2015

Loliday June 2015 letter

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Dear Kalle Sweet of January 2015,

At present (7/6/2015), I am a uni graduate who is still waiting for her first job during her enforced gap year and a Lolita who has only worn it once this year and hopes for more opportunities.

I have not found a job yet due to a job market that is small and with employers exploiting that fact (How can I have experience when I have never held a job?). Because of that, I have not had any money to spend on Lolita. Speaking of, I have been to one meet up, which was enjoyable and that was the only time I have worn Lolita this year.

As for Honours next year, my chances do seem to be pretty good and I do have a good chance of getting something I want (that includes opportunities that were not available last year). This is one of the few times in life where I can be picky about what I do. With the extra free time, I have been improving my Japanese but am unsure about whether to do the JLPT or not. I don't need to decide right now though. Despite the free time, I have forgotten about sewing and should start doing it, even if it is a little bit.

This extra free time has also allowed me to get fit and lose the excess weight I'm carrying. While you took up yoga in order to get slimmer in the hopes of increasing the range of Lolita clothes in Japan so you can find a few new pieces (one new item bought and one second hand JSK that did not), I am continuing on with it to do what I have mentioned. I have gotten fitter and hope to do an inversion (even if it is just shoulderstand) by the end of this year as well as being able to do backbends and arm balances well.

As a Lolita, I have not expanded my wardrobe for reasons mentioned previously but my Dramatic Rose skirt does fit better on me. I did say better because I am not ready to wear it yet. When I won the skirt, I did consider selling it if it did not fit in June but the longer I own it, the more I fall in love with it. I did find another Milky Planet JSK on sale online and if I did have the money, I would consider buying it as I believe with my weight loss, I would have been able to wear it or if not, be close to it. Overall, as a Lolita, I feel that my last coord was a bit better than before but there is room for improvement if there are more opportunities (no upcoming meet ups/big events at present).

As for the last paragraph, thank you for reminding me not to give up. While the beginning of the year was tough, things have improved and I am no longer doubting myself regarding the choices I have made for this year. I hope things do improve in the future (for Honours, getting a job and Lolita).

Love Kalle Sweet of June 2015

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