Saturday, 11 July 2015

Angelic Pretty's Classic Fairy Tales

It has been a long time since I have done a print review but today I am reviewing AP's Classic Fairy Tales series. At first, I thought that the print is more BTSSB or Innocent World than AP because of it being more classic Lolita and it's not what AP is known for.

First is the OP, which has removable sleeves, making it good for all seasons. It has a collar which makes it look like the wearer is wearing a blouse underneath when the detachable sleeves are used. The waist bow blends into the OP in a nice way. One problem with the OP is that it has no shirring, which does limit its sizing. The vertical trim lines on the bodice do look nice on the OP. Overall, it is a nice classic OP.

Next is the skirt, which is in a standard AP skirt size, making it flexible in terms of sizing to an extent. The skirt has a simple construction, which makes the print stand out and the bows can be removed. However, I would not remove the smaller front bow. That is because there would be a gap in the lace trim on the waist, which could ruin the effect. Overall, this is a nice skirt that I would consider buying if it was my style.
Finally, The JSK, which is flexible in terms of its sizing, meaning it could fit a variety of Lolitas. The bodice does look nice with its vertical lace trim and criss cross ribbon. This JSK looks like it could be won with a blouse or an outer in lieu of the former. The waist bow does blend into the JSK in the same way as the OP but I feel that this would suit a curvier Lolita well due to the low neckline, which is why I think AP made the right choice in making this include shirring. Overall, this is a well designed JSK.
As for the print, I feel that it is similar to Baby and IW but has an AP twist to it. While it is not my style, I do like the print series. (However, things could change just like with my Dramatic Rose skirt. While I was not interested in the print at first, I grew in love with the skirt over time.) If I was to buy this, I would consider buying a green JSK or skirt as the lighter colour does bring out the print well and the JSK and skirt are more flexible in terms of creating a coord with.

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