Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Very Belated International Lolita Day June 2014

Sorry for posting this more than a week after Loliday, but I was in the middle of exams. Now that I have some free time, I will go over the goals that I have set at New Year's Day.

Lose weight and Wear Lolita again

I am combining these two goals together because they relate to each other as you will see. I have managed to be able to wear Creamy Cat for my 21st. There would have been a post on the outfit if I had the time to do it though. But this will happen in a future post as that was the first time I have ever worn a dream dress. Unfortunately, I have still not lost as much as I would want to but that will happen over time. I have worn Lolita again this year as I have achieved the goal I thought was the least likely to happen, which was to attend a meet up.

Attend a meet up

I have attended a couple of meet ups within my local Lolita community and would like to attend more in the future. I first felt nervous especially seeing the first part of "The Secret Life of the Lolita" by Deerstalker Pictures not long before my first meet up. While the first part did not cover the Lolita community, it did hint a bit at a hierarchy in the preview for the second part. It probably made me more nervous than what I was. However, there was nothing to worry about. I will attend more meet ups in the future but I will not post about them in this blog.

Build my Lolita wardrobe

Unfortunately, I have not added a lot to my Lolita wardrobe due to a lack of time for sewing and not feeling read to buy more things online but I did but a few items for my Creamy Cat coord. Because of something that has happened recently, I do not have any plans to buy anything Lolita online. However, I will attempt to make another skirt and finish off a headbow that I have started.

While I have mentioned some goals above, my last goal for Lolita is to blog more often. As doing a series (the 30 Day Random Challenge) did help me write on this blog more often but I unfortunately did not finish it, I am considering doing another series. So, watch this space.

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