Saturday, 21 June 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Create A Coord And A Menu For A Lolita Picnic

If I had to plan a Lolita picnic, what would my outfit be and what menu would I choose?

First, my ideal outfit would consist of Angelic Pretty's Berry Garden shirring OP, which I think would suit the season I would be thinking of hosting a picnic in, which is spring. The combination of daisies and strawberries definitely suit the season. I would coordinate it with a pair of OTKs or ankle socks, depending on the weather and would wear my replica tea parties with them. I would also think about wearing strawberry and/or flower accessories with the OP. Depending on the weather, I would consider wearing a cardigan over the dress or just layer a blouse underneath. Another thing to note about AP's Berry Garden OP is that it is one of the few Angelic Pretty OPs that have full shirring.

As for the menu, I would be doing a two course menu consisting of  Paleo Inside-Out Bread, a green salad and a pasta/rice salad. I first found Inside Out Bread on Sarah Wilson's blog and I would like to make it one day with a few substitutions, even though I am not Paleo (but I am a Pescetarian). This is because it sounds like an instant sandwich. For the picnic, I would do a vegetarian version as well as the original recipe. As a drink, I would serve one or two types of iced tea and water.

Above: A picture of Paleo Inside Out Bread sliced.
Below: The same loaf unsliced. (Both pictures from One Hand in The Cookie Jar).

For dessert, I would make chocolate chip biscuits because they would be easy to carry and make as well as being something that would be well liked even if the Inside Out Bread is barely touched. If I wanted to, I would also consider another biscuit to make.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - kimberlykv.jpg
Above: Chocolate chip biscuits. Just because they are simple and well liked, it does not mean that I can't change the basic concept around to make something more unique for the picnic. Source: Wikipedia.
I know the menu sounds simple but for a picnic, you don't want to carry a lot and I feel that this would be sufficient.

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