Wednesday, 9 April 2014

30 Day Random Challenge Day 25: Increase difficulty of a previous challenge

Yesterday, my challenge was to increase the difficulty of a previous challenge, which ended up being the challenge from Day 1. In order to change things around, I decided to find two coords that featured two of the ice cream prints featured.

Above: A coord featuring Baby's Creamy Soda Pop JSK. Source: LiveJournal (coord by artemiscangee).

The first coordinate features Baby's Creamy Soda Pop JSK and uses black and pink for the other items. Mixing Baby with AP is a nice idea and the pink does bring out the pink elements of the print. Also, the AP socks were from a different print series, adding to the creativity of the outfit. However, I do feel that the coord does use the cliché idea of a matching headbow and JSK and there is not a lot of accessories. Overall, the outfit is fairly basic and does draw attention to the print on the JSK but as the stylist was intending for it to be used for a Lolita fashion presentation, it is a good way to introduce Lolita.

Above: A coord featuring AP's Milky Planet OP. Source: daily_lolita (coord by La Lapine Noir).

The second coordinate features AP's original Milky Planet OP with some offbrand items. The combination of accessories with the OP is very creative and plays around with the variety of colours on the Milky Planet print. Even the use of a Disney character bag is cute. Overall, this outfit does make good use of the Milky Planet OP and would be nice for a meet up or changed a bit to make it suitable for a tea party.

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