Monday, 3 February 2014

Pink lace + Glitter's 1st Birthday


I can't believe it's been a year since Pink lace + Glitter started. First, I am going to talk about how this blog started off and what the themes of the most popular posts are at this time.

I first thought of writing this blog after I watched the film Julie & Julia. I didn't think I would like the film but I did. After watching it, I began to set up Pink lace + Glitter. Originally, I wrote this blog in order to express my thoughts about and my journey into Lolita. Reading the introduction, the only thing that I may not have covered in it is about the struggles I have with being different. That is because I am not ready to talk about that yet. Maybe I never will be. But I did write about Lolita in most of my posts anyway.

Next, I am going to talk about my five most popular posts (according to Google Stats). They are: My Favourite Print Theme in LolitaDecorating your Lolita Inspired Holiday Party, Angelic Pretty's Candy Fun Fair series, Angelic Pretty's Fancy Paper Dolls and Angelic Pretty's Promenade de Paris. Interesting how all the posts are either Lolita Blog Carnival ones (the first two) or brand print reviews. It could be due to the fact that this blog is only a year old and according to some blog experts, it could take a few years for a blog to get high traffic. Let's see what happens over the next 12 months.

Finally, to celebrate, I found this glittery wedding cake that would be nice to show as a virtual cake for Pink lace + Glitter's first birthday. Even though it is a wedding cake, I think it could be used as a birthday cake.

Above: Glitter wedding cake (Photo credit: Pearl Events)

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