Sunday, 10 February 2013

Wish list

There are several prints on my wish list, some brand and some offbrand. In this post, I will cover three of the prints on my wish list.

The first print is Bodyline's Soft Cream. The print reminds me of ice cream and the ribbon border just draws attention to the ice cream cones, which are filled with soft serve ice cream of multiple colours and each cone seems to have multiple toppings. The rest of the jumperskirt is also filled with various motifs. This, in my opinion, is one of Bodyline's best original prints.

 The next print is AP's whimsical vanilla chan. The cats (which are my favourite animal) on the skirt are cute and have various expressions. The ribbons vertically arranged on the skirt and bordering the kitties draw attention to the cats and the alternating colour ribbons on the cats' necks are a very attractive detail on the print. When I first saw it, I wished I could buy it but I guess I have to wait until I can find it second hand or get a replica of it.

When I first saw the Dreaming of Macarons OP in a GLB, I wished I could get it and also wanted to look at the Angelic Pretty online store and fell in love with the brand. The cakes at the bottom as well as the various macarons and strawberries across the OP just made me fall in love with the print even though I had never tasted a macaron in my life nor knew the full name of the print at first (I could originally read the name of the print as something "seeing macarons" from my ability to read katakana and a handful of kanji at the time). Seeing it again at an online second hand shop and how it would fit me made me disappointed at the time as I was not able to afford it at the time but someday...

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