Monday, 4 February 2013

Meta's Fancy Egg

For my first opinion post on a brand print, I have chosen to do Meta's Fancy Egg.

First, the pinafore jumperskirt in mini length does seem to have a nice cupcake shape and might be well suited to a sweet-classic wardrobe or a sweet wardrobe.  The bows on the straps add a nice touch as well as the waist ribbon. Compared to other jumperskirts, this one is relatively simple. Personally, I would have considered adding lace to the hem instead of chiffon but that is just my taste.

The skirt is also cupcake shaped, which would also make it well suited to a sweet-classic or a sweet wardrobe. Even though there is chiffon attached to the hem, there is less on the skirt, which makes it look better. On the waist, there is a removable bow that has a pearl chain attached to it. As with the jumperskirt, this skirt is also quite simple.

Between the jumperskirt and the skirt, I would choose the skirt because of the bow and the lower amount of chiffon used. Between the four colours (black, pink, sax and green), I would have a hard time choosing between pink and sax because they both add brightness to the print and bring out the best in the colour palette used for the print.

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