Monday, 24 August 2015

Shiny Pokemon Week Day 1

This week, I am challenging myself to see how many shiny Pokémon I can obtain through the Masuda method in one week. The rules for the challenge are as follows

1. Spend at least 3 hours hatching Pokémon eggs each day.
2. One new parent must have the same nature as the previous shiny. (e.g. If the shiny had a quirky nature, one parent for the next shiny must have a quirky nature also).
3. Each breeding pair must follow the Masuda method.

I will be updating daily throughout the next 7 days and will include the hatched shiny Pokémon for the day as well as the parents. So far, I have not hatched a shiny even though I played for more than three hours today and I started the week with my new shiny Rayquaza (it does not count for this challenge) which has a serious nature.

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