Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Two Lolita Firsts

On the previous weekend, two Lolita related firsts happened to me.

First, I went to Sydney matsuri and wore a casual Lolita coordinate there. I enjoyed the festival and saw the Kawaii Fashion show. It was interesting seeing the Australian brands as well as the Baby outfits. Also, I liked Misako Aoki's outfit for the day. As there seems to be plenty of photos of said outfit, I am not going to place any on my blog. However, this is the link to her post about the fashion show. Unfortunately, I did not take a photo with Misako as I had no idea there would be such an opportunity. Maybe she'll come back to Australia one day. It was nice seeing her on stage and I was able to understand a lot of what she said in Japanese.

Anyway, the photo below is what I wore on the day.
Outfit Details
All of this except for the skirt is offbrand. The skirt is hand made. No petticoat is worn though because I do not own one at the moment.


Even though everything is offbrand, I think it is decent enough to pass for a casual coordinate. Wearing Lolita for the first time was an amazing experience once you get used to the attention it brings. Despite the bit of extra effort for Lolita, I really want to wear it again.

During the same weekend, I found the Angelic Pretty mook in Kinokuniya, which came with a Sugary Carnival tote bag. Due to the only way of buying brand in where I live being online and the cost, this is my very first brand piece and I love it.

 Seeing it for the first time, I was surprised at how it looked with a black background. Unfortunately, photos of Sugary Carnival don't do the black colourway justice. I wonder if this is true for other AP prints. Also, I would like to use it in the future, as part of either a Lolita or a non-Lolita outfit.

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