Friday, 29 November 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: Decorating Your Lolita Inspired Holiday Party

I can't believe it's less than a month until Christmas. The start of the silly season.

If I had to organise a Lolita themed Christmas party, I would first decorate the tree with various decorations such as pink, purple and silver baubles; tree lights and a few Nutcracker/ballet inspired decorations. Also, the tree would be white instead of green. On top of the tree, I would place a star. Below the tree would be fake presents that are wrapped with paper that is printed with various Lolita prints.

Above: A white Christmas tree as an example to the one I would be using.
Below: Pink decorations that may be used on the tree.

With the "presents", the featured prints would be a mix of the main substyles (Sweet, Classic and Gothic). Also, within the presents would be the party bags for each of the guests. However, those bags would actually be boxes and would contain a pair of knee high socks as well as anklets for the coming Australian summer as well as some lollies that are nicely wrapped/from a lolly shop.

The table would have an elegant but festive tablecloth with fancy serving plates. One of those plates would contain any Lolita/Loliable jewellery that I own (At the moment, I only have Loliable ones though). Next to that would be a bowl with lollies in it. As the centrepiece, there would be some flowers in a vase with Christmas crackers standing up around it.
Above: Not exactly Lolita, but is an elegant Christmas design that could be incorporated into a Lolita Christmas party.

For the lighting, I would use fairy lights as well as candles instead of normal lighting in order to bring out a Victorian yet modern atmosphere (something that could describe Lolita in a way).
But at some point, the normal lighting would go on if any of the Lolitas wanted to take pictures under ordinary lighting.

Finally, I would do something loosely based on an article that was advertised on the front cover of an issue of GLB. The cover said  "Doitsu no kurimasu" (in katakana, obviously. I also do not vouch for complete accuracy here). This means "(A) German Christmas" in English. Instead of German traditions, I would use a few Finnish traditions instead. For example, I would serve Gingerbread biscuits following a recipe based on how my late great-grandmother used to make them. They would be shaped on various Lolita motifs (think bows, cute animals, flowers etc.). Another delicacy I would serve would be pulla (for an idea of it/recipe, click here).
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