Saturday, 14 September 2013

Angelic Pretty's Fancy Paper Dolls

Today, Angelic Pretty just released its newest print: Fancy Paper Dolls. This print is unique in that it is toy themed but in a different way. Another thing that is unusual for a print release is that it has no OP.


 First is the tiered JSK. It is high waisted but it has a belt like ribbon on it. The lace neck line is soft and has three bows on it, two in the same colour as the JSK and one in a different colour. One clever use of the print is to use a smaller print on the bodice and first skirt tier and to use a bigger print on the bottom tier. It also has full back shirring, making it very flexible in terms of sizing.

Next is the collared JSK. It also has the same print design and waist ribbon as the tiered JSK but it is less high waisted and does not have a tiered skirt. The collar adds a semi quirky feel to a pretty unique print. When tied, the halter ties create a gigantic bow, which is cute. The ribbon from the collar adds a lovely touch to it has well as the collar edging. The heart shaped buttons also add a cute but elegant touch, which reminds me why I am so attracted to Sweet Lolita. This JSK has half back shirring, also making it fit a variety of sizes.

Finally, the print itself. The Fancy Paper Dolls print uses two AP mascots: Lyrical Bunny and Shy Bear as well as another bunny and a mouse. The print is cute and quirky due to the use of animals and the paper cut out doll theme. It even goes as far as using furniture and décor that would belong in a doll house/girl's bedroom. One thing that I find unique in this print is that it incorporates the Dreamy Baby Room OP, bonnet and the iconic heart pochette.
Overall, this is a nice print. One thing that is interesting about this print is that all of the colours have their merits, but I would have a hard time choosing between the pink, sax and lavender colourways. This is because I am not a big fan of using black in Sweet Lolita, personally. Speaking of mascots and iconic pieces, two which I would like to see in a new release is Vanilla Chan and the famous Pony Bag. They are too cute.

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