Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Glitter shoes


I love the glitter Mary Janes that Misako Aoki sometimes wears. However, there seems to be no mention of where she got them from.
Also, I have not seen any of the main Sweet Lolita brands sell any type of glitter shoe even though I think they do suit Sweet Lolita well. In Australia, there are sparkly shoes (I.e. glitter, sequins, rhinestones) for sale at various shops. I have a pair of glitter shoes though.

 Above: My glitter flats
Below: The glitter flats being worn
Unfortunately, the above photos seem to mute the effect of the glitter but the rainbow glitter can be seen. In regards to Lolita, these shoes could be worn in Sweet Lolita and due to the colours present in the shoe, could work well with any co-ordinate as long as it has colour in the OP/JSK/skirt in my opinion.
It's a shame that the brands have not created glitter shoes even though they have glitter prints and accessories with glitter. Maybe that could be a future trend for Lolita (not that Lolita relies on trends a lot). 


  1. i think Misako's glitter shoes are from Emily Temple Cute

  2. Thanks. I didn't know that when I wrote this post.