Saturday, 5 December 2015

International Lolita Day December 2015

For this International Lolita Day post, I am going to discuss a few things that I mentioned in my previous Loliday post related to my Lolita life and what has happened since then.

Adding on to the only meetup of early 2015

Since the International Lolita Day of June 2015, I have attended one extra meet up. I was planning to attend another one on top of the one I went to after the previous Loliday post but I became sick and as such, was unable to attend. However, I do have plans to attend a Loliday/Christmas meet up later this month, which would be good.

Dramatic Rose and extending my Lolita wardrobe

While I have not worn or tried on my Dramatic Rose skirt since June, I do feel that it would still fit me because I have lost even more weight and maybe I'll wear it later this month. As for adding on to my Lolita wardrobe, I have been unable to do so as I still haven't found a job yet (how long does it take to find a job in Australia in this day and age?). Maybe I'll find a job someday.

Spending excess yen on Amazon Japan

While I did not mention this in the previous post because I have only done it recently, I bought some Japanese books online, including one GLB and Misako Aoki's Lolita Fashion book. I hope I can learn something off those two books.

While this year has been so-so with regards to my Lolita life this year, I hope the rest of the year is better with that and/or 2016 is a lot better in general (I doubt it though).